Web Developer Cape Town

I cut through all the noise to help you manage & evaluate your product potential & expectations 

Responsive Design

Websites that run perfectly on desktop & mobile.

Progressive Web Apps

We can produce websites that can behave in the same way that a native app does

Native Mobile Apps

We build native mobile apps for android from the ground up using Javascript to Java compilation

Looking for the best hosting solutions?

We provide 
One year free hosting on all our standard domains hosting is always paid in arrears annually

We provide fast, secure hosting with DDOS protection and many other custom integrations. Our servers are super fast and affordable



Are you looking for social media management, marketing consultation or search engine optimisation? We have got you covered.

Game Development
Social Media Marketing & SEO
Custom Programming 
Playable Advertisements
Hosting resellers
Business Intelligence
Our story

We provide a unique approach to South African business Intelligence for retail & local government

We have a long histoy of public sector and retail consulting and offer our expertise in this field

Tech Articles

Articles from our Research & Development Teams

Should I invest in the VR & AR – The Metaverse

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How I use WordPress as a Programming Framework in third party applications

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Why NFT’s Don’t always work

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Our philosophy

Protective Preventative Maintenance

We frequently update your website and make sure that it is always secure, performing well & producing the desired results

Market Study

Our Latest Predictions

While most of the world is focussed on “The Internet of Things & AI”

According to our research; browser based Application Virtualisation will soon take the world by storm. Currently there are already servers that can be purchased that allow you to render powerful desktop applications in the browser in the same way that Google has done it with their gaming platform.

However these new services are affordable enought that even the small business can now run their own desktop software publically in the browser without limitations.

We have already decided on our platform of choice moving forward. Let us help you get your legacy systems online and into the browser for your team to leverage or your client based to utilise 

Our technical market studies have been utilised by many of our clients in order to produce succesful , cost effective and productive software

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Our Happy Clients

These are historical clients that we have worked with under the brand Intelligent Maps (Pty) Ltd. or other. Not all of these clients continue to use us as service providers as the contracts have either finnished or the products are nolonger neccessery due to market changes, technological progression or other factors. Intelligent Maps is a Company that acquired IP & Contracts from other companies and some of these companies may be dormant or nolonger opperating.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of professionals with a broad skillset

Jessica Claire

Research & Development

We have to keep up to date with the latest tech trends. Jessica is our in house consultant

Julian Rigotti


Mr Rigotti has been working in the IT industry for almost 2 decades. If anybody is able to get the job done, it is him

Sarah Arense


Sarah keeps the books and makes sure that evoryone is on the same page

Candice Finch


Candice has been working with us behind the scenes as a consultant for almost 3 years and has a Masters Degree in Humanities


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I truly enjoyed working with Mr Rigotti. His knowledge, & quality was unmatched

Stacey Anne

“Our application was built at low cost, fast and secure”

Mr Rigotti was kind, courteous, produced our desired result in a fast and effective way

Jessy Gowns

“I recommend Intelligent Maps for general web development””

The Team was on point and productive & knowledgable

Bobby Finch

“The company is friendy and enthusiastic about what they do”