PHP General Purpose Frameworks & Why they do not work

The creator of PHP Ramsus Lerdorf designed PHP to be built as a templating system for the classic C programming language. After several years it evolved into something far greater but it was never designed to be used with General Purpose Frameworks. It was designed to be used with Specific Task Frameworks. Even though the Marketing trend is to use GP Frameworks. The reality is quite different with almost all PHP based websites still being build in PURE PHP

Building an application with a General Purpose Framework such as Laravel or other is like trying to kill a mosquito with a hand grenade.

The reason for this is because 90% of the code in the framework is not used. Furthermore simply setting up the environment, being straight jacketed into a certain way of thinking & many other security and performance issues surrounding the frameworks becomes costly and time consuming.

This is why we use WordPress here in our Studio.

WordPress is one of the most powerful Web Development frameworks in the world but it is unique as it is a General Purpose framework acting as a specific Task Framework through it’s plugin and extension system which allows you to hone in on Specific Tasks. Effectively it is the best of both worlds as it is not just a code base like most GP frameworks but also a modular focused application. MVC GP frameworks are not modular in the same way. They focus on building modular code but WordPress focusses on building Modular Embedded & Customizable Applications. There is a significant difference as these applications are usually portable between the WordPress versions.

The general public is largely unaware that WordPress is not a CMS even if the official developers market it that way. WordPress started out as a CMS and that is how it managed to get it’s reputation as a CMS but in 2021 the CMS part of WordPress is only a small fraction of it’s overall capabilities. By using WordPress as your framework of choice you can reduce costs & productivity issues by up to 90%.

WordPress has a powerful API which integrates very easily with most popular applications through ten’s of thousands of premium and free plugins.

Each one of these plugins can be modified by a developer to build the perfect application for you at low cost.

We specialize in Custom Programming for WordPress, which is the specific task framework that powers 40 percent of all known websites.

If wordpress cannot do it well, then we move to a specific Task framework that does

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