Say no to Amazon/Google/Azure Hosting

If you want to protect your data, your privacy & maintain control of your server do not use these services for hosting

Did you know that when you sign up to one of these services that you agree to a terms of service document that would take you approximately 20 years to read for each individual hosting service?

It is bad enough that just by owning a windows machine or browsing the web, that you are being profiled, tracked and exploited by Google & Microsoft & Amazon Alone.

Just by turning your computer on, These Titan Corporates acquire detailed information from you wherever you go. They track everything that you say and do and profile you for their own agendas.

So why would you trust these Titans with your data?

Did you know that it is common practice for these Titan companies to deactivate your business websites if you do not meet their corporate guidelines? Did you know that your behavior on social media and websites also affects your hosting agreement with these parties? Did you know that your private Gmail emails and other private communications also affect the algorithms used to verify your legitimacy to host with them? Did you know that the cancelling of hosting happens more often than you think & many companies have lost millions of Rands on business ventures that have been compromised and often can no longer operate?

Just last year an estimated 10 000 websites were shut down on Amazon alone simply because of clashes with their terms of use & their privacy policy.

Now you might wonder whether these websites were operating illegally and the answer to this question is that actually the majority of them were not.

That is why we use alternative hosting solutions such as A2 hosting which is based in the Far East. There are many other alternatives but one must always be careful with hosting. There are many scams online where data is bought and sold & sometimes laundered.

We trust A2 hosting and we are a reseller of their services. It our my weapon of choice to combat IP Theft & spying from the Titan IT corporates.

This is not to say that we are completely protected, but what this means is that by using these services you are able to retain more control over your privacy and data.

South Africa also has some very controversial regulations that have been implemented recently in terms of media censorship, hate speech & privacy. The South African government has moved to regulate and audit your websites whenever they deem it appropriate.

If you truly want to protect your data, we recommend that you do not host with South Africa companies. however domain registration is still reasonably safe & acceptable with South African companies such as xneelo

Host your website with me. A2 Hosting is in direct competition with dedicated hosting giants such as godaddy and your data is a lot safer.