Why is Artificial Intelligence not as smart as you think?

Currently the most advanced AI system in the world has the computing power of an earthworm brain

Ever noticed how it is getting rarer and rarer to get the right search results from google & relevant you tube video advertisements when watching your favorite channels?

This is for a simple reason. It is “Artificial” intelligence. The human mind is made up of both physical construct & metaphysical constructs. We know that metaphysical constructs exist because we are aware. Awareness is not a physical construct and by researching metaphysics which is the scientific study of that outside of the laws of physics, it is becoming more and more apparent how little we know about ourselves, the universe and how much there is to learn

In a nut shell, yes our physical brains have hormones and various other complex components such as neurotransmitters etc..and this means that we can study them and potentially map or predict thought processes in the future. In fact, there are currently several computing devices that are in prototype with this exact purpose, but this is not awareness. Awareness, the state of knowing that you exist in your person is beyond physics and we know that our universe behaves according to a certain set of physical rules. We also know that there are other universes that have different rules of physics as per quantum physics calculations.

Awareness as it is not physical but metaphysical, thus is not subject to our physical rules set but rather our physical rule set is the representation of Awareness and not the other way around. This is why Artificial Intelligence almost always gets it right but at the same time completely wrong. Because artificial intelligence is purely physical and cannot predict the metaphysical behavior yet. In other words, we should not let it do the thinking outside of a controlled environment. AI is probably centuries away from being smart enough to Artificially calculate the mapping of the physical patterns of the metaphysical overlord within human brains

At the same time, because the human brain is imperfect, even when mapping a human brain as AI in the future, this will result in an imperfect AI.

Thus what do we do? Well, we give the AI instructions and a framework to operate in. Who is responsible for the development of this framework? Well, Humans, who are imperfect & while we are building this framework we do not even have a full grasp of our own brain functions…not even close.

This is why the foundations of artificial intelligence are flawed. The best way to think about Artificial Intelligence is that it is like a perfect psychopath.

If it needs to get a result, it works within it’s framework and desperately operates at 100% capacity to achieve the desired result, which is more often then not, not aligned with our state of evolution. But this is only a best fit description of AI, because AI is nothing more then a synthetic tool and does and cannot ever experience real emotion.

The programmers behind artificial intelligence are largely aware of these pitfalls. When they reach a pitfall, they intervene and adjust the framework or rules for the AI to execute.

At the same time, human beings with their own agendas are making the rules for the AI systems and pushing those agendas onto you everyday through highly sophisticated AI algorithms for our time. But more often than not, these people do not understand their own agendas and thus AI has already become a potential stumbling block in our own evolutionary progression, unbeknown to many of those wielding it.

These algorithms are usually designed to alter the way that you think often by bombarding you with opinions , advertisements and other methods in order to transform your mind into what they want you to be.

This is why we try to avoid selling AI to my clients when offering business intelligence solutions unless it is truly necessary to achieve a result.

The question is, can the result always be trusted?

The answer is no.