So you are not a millionaire but you have a great idea with a limited budget?

Here at our studio’s we strive to produce applications at low cost, high turnover and effective levels of productivity.

How do we do this? Well, it is quite simple:

  1. We use premium software and premium cloud services that already exist and integrate them into your application. We do not reinvent the wheel and if something has been built and offered as a service, then why should we try to sell you something that you can already get at a low service level agreement with a third party company. In other words, if a component of your system exists already, we are not shy to integrate.

2. We offer you alternatives to more expensive development that achieve the same result. Say for example, that you have an ecommerce system set up but the system lacks a specific feature. If that feature is to expensive to develop, we immediately look at alternatives that achieve the same result at a lower cost. An example of this: One of our clients was using an ecommerce system which was free, but quite limited in that which it provided. He wanted us to build a component for the system but we referred him to a premium ecommerce system that had a small monthly subscription but in the long terms would cost him almost a tenth of the price to achieve his desired result. We installed this system over his old system and he is now a very happy customer

3. We help you innovate. Sometimes people come with ideas that already exist or they seek to put a spin on an existing idea. We take your ideas and provide consultation as part of our service. This consultation is invaluable and allows us to aid you in producing that perfect product. With almost 50 years of combined experience in our studio, we can take your idea to the next level and if it is just not going to work, we will advise you accordingly

Help us help you.