Why we do not follow trends

The university of Cape Town’s graduate school of business’ lead developer called our code the cleanest that he had ever worked with after installing an application called ‘Spidey’ on their systems written by us.

When you follow trends, you are conforming to a standard. Here we believe in innovation and we have built careers as such. Our approach to development is almost always new and improved.

Our focus when writing code is simplicity. All of our code is very well documented. We are religious about documentation.

All of our code follows the phpDoc Standard and all of our nesting follows Microsoft standards (ANSI) We typically use a classic OOP approach to our development, which all PHP developers know how to use.

Why we do not use MVC General Purpose Frameworks is another Topic and can be read about here

Only web developers use MVC. Game Programmers & Compiled Language Programmers do not.

The complexity behind applications built with compiled Languages & Game Engines is much higher then applications built as websites but they do not separate code in the same way that Web Developers religiously do.

MVC is a religion. It ends there. This is not to say that separating and categorising logic is a bad thing, Game Developers & Compiled Language programmers do so too, but they typically follow Classical OOP standards when doing so. Classical OOP is not obsolete.

When pushing the limits of the current technological threshold and trying to innovate, you cannot rely on what is industry standard.

The only thing that you can do is take what works and disregard the rest, which is why all of our applications here in our studio are unique, logical, simple and make use of existing technologies in new and innovative ways.

When your primary goal is to innovate and reduce costs and raise productivity for your client, you find yourself in a niche, turning over clean applications quickly, at low cost and thus producing a uniquely sustainable business model.

The freedom of not being restricted into standards allows for innovation, a reduction in complexity and high levels of productivity.

We take from the principles of Jeet Kun Do, Buddhism & Taoism here in our studio and take this approach when developing applications and dealing with clientele.

Here is an example of alternative media which is taken seriously at Intelligent Maps …
Lerdorf Ramsus is the creator of PHP.


In conclusion working with Intelligent Maps means working differently:
– It means taking productive efficient and effective shortcuts
– It means time saving
– It means low cost
– It means high productivity
– It means focussing on core principles and grass root development
– It means innovation

Intelligent Maps incorporates eastern Philosophies into software production development such as

Jeet Kun Do
– Take what works and disregard the rest
– Always seek to improve
– Learn from everyone
– Take the path of least resistance (Wu Wei)
– Water flows down stream, do not try to be the salmon
– Simplify your world and all will become clear
– Do what is good
– Do what is meaningful
– Do what is necessary