Browser Application Virtualisation VS Classical Web Development

Browser Based Application Virtualisation is the process of running desktop software in the Browser without a VPN or any plugins installations.

Powerful Desktop applications run in the browser, leveraging the full power of the server hardware and are not downloaded onto your computer like DOM elements such as Javascript.

An example of this is Google Stadia

However, when Google Stadia was launched, this technology was not accessible to the general public.

Today it is and quite affordable for software engineers & server administrators to set up a server.

So why would you need WebGL anymore for enhanced 3D content?

WebGL 2 is not indexable by search engines and neither are Application Virtualized Browser Based Applications (AVBBA)

However, AVBBA software is 100’s of times more powerful incapacity.

Furthermore, you can take almost any legacy or new application built on Windows and render it in the browser for public usage or saved behind a password for your team to use. An example of this is as simple as Microsoft Access 2017 which can be run fully featured in the Browser.

We have chosen out AVBBA development environment of choice to deliver applications for your company.

Help us help you to get your Desktop software publically available in the Browser for usage on any Desktop or Mobile Computer.

We believe that this technology is going to give classical developers a run for their money and change the industry forever.

The only real drawback is that Search Engines Cannot index the application content…but as always we have worked arounds for this at Intelligent Maps