Augmented Reality 5 year Prediction

Web Development is completely changing. In 2021 it is becoming more important for web application to connect to devices & Third party services then ever before. This trend is growing and will not stop.

From Amazon & Google Artificial Intelligence cloud services, to dozens of API’s sprouting up all over the internet with the single purpose of connecting you to your devices via the cloud, even in the engineering field the human labourer is finding himself replaced more and more by automotive cloud based devices that are controlled by a single operator.

Staff is getting smaller and smaller as more jobs are automated.

In 2021 you can use your phone to shop for household goods using augmented reality and 3D CAD designs are being conferenced in physical meetings using Augmented Reality software and hardware such as hololense.

However, this technology is complex to develop and the hardware is still very expensive.

For example, the cheapest AR hardware that you can find on today’s market costs approximately twice as much as a middle tear laptop or high end smartphone which makes it inaccessible to the majority of consumers that would wish to use this technology for their business’ or personal day to day convenience.

While most web developers are stuck in industry standards and live by this development philosophy, they are falling more and more behind.

Soon , industry standard will be very hard to establish as the speed at which new technology is emerging is so fast that innovation is the only answer to stay in the market.

That is why , we at Intelligent Maps (Pty) Ltd seek to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our primary purpose is to source affordable alternative solutions to produce results for our niche market, the small business.

This is why we have invested a significant amount of our time acquiring skills in both basic VR & AR solutions. Such as our capacity with A-frame VR engine

But, these solutions by nature cater to 3D development, which is why we have focussed on developing our capacity in the sphere of humanoid character animation, 3D programming and we are stockpiling a library of commonly used 3D assets for use in our projects.

In 5 years, 2D technology will be second to 3D augmented Reality & VR applications. Those stuck in corporate jobs, desperately standardising everything are soon going to find themselves up a creek without a paddle.

Many people are going to find themselves without jobs, or desperately trying to catch up and learn these technologies which will replace standard PC & Smartphone devices within the next 10 years.

It is our prediction that within 5 years, you will not be able to do business without an Augmented Reality headset and within 10 years the Smartphone will be completely replaced by Augmented Reality technology or VR / AR / Mixed reality capable devices.

Because we are a niche company and our focus is on the development of small business, we use a lot of premium software to get the job done affordably.

Currently we are using technologies such as Daz Studio & Mixamo Mocap Library for the quick development of Characters & Animations for prototype applications.

We use Ultimate Unwrap 3D for converting between 3D formats & preparing UV’s for our 3D models.

We are using open source VR technology with the coppercube game engine (An Other) to produce fantastic high quality Virtual Reality applications at a fraction of the cost.

We are using Application virtualisation as one of our intermediary deployment targets.

We leverage out of dozens of 3D asset stores featuring photogrammetry and other available assets.

Now you might ask yourself the questions; “Why do you rely so heavily on 3D asset stores and RAD tools, is that not cheating? Why not just model the 3D characters and props yourself? Why are you using mocap Libraries? Why don’t you just use Unreal Engine or Unity Game Engine?”

The answer to the question is: Productivity & reduced to cost to the small business. Again, we are a niche company and would rather use a large set of premium tools to RAPIDLY produce applications at low cost, then get ourselves tied into the complexities of engines such as Unreal & Unity. We can produce prototypes in the fraction of the time that it takes to produce a result in triple AAA game engines. We have taken this approach for decades in all our business ventures / client solutions and we know how to do this well.

Before anything else we are Solution Architects, whether it is desktop, mobile, cloud, VR or AR, our approach has always been simple, fast, productive, low cost and secure.

This is how we have managed to stay in business for decades.