Decoding the Zuck’s Metaverse

By Now I am sure that you have all seen this video from Facebook (Newly renamed Meta)

Definition: The Metaverse is nothing more than a buzz term for a user profile, hosted, usually by a corporate, where the profile is used in third-party social applications. Meta (FACEBOOK) wants to build the Matrix with it and own you and the internet. It does this by feeding you with lies such as the concept that you can own a piece of the internet when in reality you simply can own a unique account on their servers, that you can use to make transactions of digital products and services that you design. If they go down, so does your piece of the internet and all your products and services

To be clear, Facebook has been very vague as to whether they are simply developing an API with supporting cloud infrastructure on its big data network as a toolset for developers who wish to produce social applications using a universal profile system or whether they are also releasing an actual engine to do so. It seems that they have not released any technical information at all about how they plan to achieve this. But one thing is for sure, they are seeking to change the culture of the internet, rather than just building new technology which will be dependent on the mindset of the individual as to whether they adopt the vision or not. Because as it stands, it is a vision powered by your participation.

Facebook did not invent the Metaverse but I find it fascinating that people have not yet realized that the expansion of the Meta VR AppStore into a social experience is not the foundation of their concept of the metaverse. I almost guarantee that this store will be expanded on into a public domain, third party social app store that will run on the oculus quest and similar tech

They simply coined the term to describe behavior on the internet that has existed for a very long time and then envisioned a future with it by marketing it as a new reality that you can enter and exist in, like a completely new world or universe…forgetting that at some point we all need to take a shit.

Facebook is trying to brand this as a new evolution on the internet, which they seek to popularise through Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality. This is a very dangerous idea to push because in reality, their vision of the future is only enabled by us giving our power to them as developers. After all the metaverse is built by us and not Facebook. Their weakness is that they are completely dependent on us as third-party developers to build it for them and let’s face it, they have not had the best track record with freedom of speech, censorship, and insightment of violence

They call this Web 3 or the Metaverse.

Their motives to do so are to sell their hardware and gather information all under singular user profiles. Your user profile

This makes it far easier for them to track you, send you promotional material, and manipulate your thoughts as all the data that they acquire in the future exists under your singular profile.

A massive convenience for data collection.

Their primary target market is young adults between the ages of 18 and 24.

They believe that if they can get this generation into their metaverse, that they can control all the data on the internet as an overlord or big brother, making them more powerful than any government.

The United States constitution provides a loophole for public forums that are owned by private companies which basically gives them free reign to censor & manipulate you through your own data via sophisticated Business Intelligence, often powered by AI.

Facebook is no stranger to the misuse of information. They have landed themselves in hot water many times when directly contravening the United States Constitution and have been blamed for producing algorithms that have caused genocides in third world countries and the purposeful harm to children.

Somehow they always get away with this.

A public forum should not be allowed to produce algorithms to serve up information targeted to an individual in my opinion. Nor should it be allowed to censor one’s voice. A public forum should be an adult-only application on the internet, no matter what form it takes. Many have also stated that they should opensource their new “toolset” in order to make sure that it can be audited correctly. However, they have won at the level of the USA courts on many occasions and have only agreed to be “more transparent” which really does not mean anything as they have never described the process that they are going to use to do this. The USA courts seemed to take this at face value.

A private company should also not be able to have immunity to copyright infringement and the hosting of controversial or illegal information that has been published by the public if it is allowed to do almost anything with that data by getting you to sign terms of use agreement & privacy policy.

A public Forum should not be allowed to produce a Terms of Use & Privacy policy that is too long to read.

The Facebook Terms of Use & Privacy Policy currently would take the average individual 20 years to read. In my opinion, if a document takes longer than 2 hours to read it should be considered illegal as by agreeing to these terms you are unable to protect yourself, and the tech giant that you have signed your identity away to can do whatever they want with your identity.

What is the probability of Facebook getting this right?

Facebook became popular in the mid-2000s because Mark Zuckerberg was cool. The marketing was targeted at the youth and young adults. The Zuck had changed the way people use the internet by stealing Intellectual Property and expanding on that vision, marketing directly to young adults, and breaking into the market at the level of the universities.

Zuckerberg seeks to do this again with the metaverse. The problem is that The Zuck is not cool anymore. In fact, quite the opposite.

His strange hairstyle, persona, and fashion sense do not translate well for the modern generation, and as he did before he is fronting his new product.

The Hardware required for his vision of the Metaverse, akin to the movie “the matrix” is also very expensive.

It is not as simple as buying a headset and joining his metaverse as other expensive hardware is required to be fully immersed into a virtual or Mixed reality world.

In my opinion, his idea is premature and his tech is behind Microsoft and other devices.

The Oculus Quest 2 is nothing more than a cheaper, method of getting people hooked into Virtual Reality.

He has produced the Oculus Quest 2 at a subsidized cost in order to hook the public into his specific offering.

The problem is that Mini/ Pseudo Metaverses already exist, such as Roblox and other platforms. Various celebrities have already done concerts in Virtual Reality for crowds of people who joined as avatars. However, a true metaverse does not exist yet and cannot exist without a centralized API & toolset that ties all platforms/engines/software & information together…Which is what the Zuck seems to be trying to build. Web 3 does not actually exist yet and has not been declared a standardized specification by the w3c. (The body in charge of web standards) Unfortunately, cryptocurrency wannabees are running with this Web 3 nonsense

The idea that one can own a piece of the internet is also untrue as you are merely hosting a profile on a corporate website. In reality, the corporate own your identity and all your products & finances.

If a Metaverse platform was to fail to produce a profit, your identity and all of your finance will be liquidated and the server will merely just be turned off. Everything on that Metaverse platform will be lost.

Currently, there are several dozen pseudo/mini metaverses that are being developed. Many of them have already been released to the public market. Corporates such as Nike who don’t fully understand the Metaverse Concept are seeking to design digital products and purchase digital real estate in dozens of these metaverses as The Zuck promised us an alternative reality & a virtual market.

The actual reality is that in a digital world, real estate is not finite and can be easily expanded simply by producing a little update. Those that invest in digital real estate will most definitely lose money.

The idea that your privacy is protected as you can produce any digital identity is also false. The Zuck has marketed the idea that in this alternative reality you can be your true self as you are not bound by the laws of our current reality.

When in reality…

There is only reality and the metaverse is nothing more than a simulation of reality and biologically we have certain evolutionary needs. Just as an example: Anything that alters your physical brain chemistry:

(a) Medication

(b) Alcohol and other recreational drugs

(c) Food & nutrition intake

(d) Bio Psychology, such as procreation, survival of the fittest, aversion towards nihilism

Medical Drawbacks.

If children are exposed to the Metaverse at an age that is too young it can be severely detrimental to their physical & psychological progression.

The reason for this is the obvious

(a) Physical progression & motor function will be hampered by the different laws of physics found in The Zucks version of the Metaverse.

(b) Psychologically, children growing up inside the metaverse will have a warped understanding of reality such as an inaccurate way of managing physical threats in our reality. At the end of the day, we only exist in reality and we are still prone to cancer and various other medical illnesses. One day we are all going to get sick, maybe more than once, and die. This type of development can only be properly experienced in our actual reality. When you die in the metaverse, you simply respawn. In the real world, if you jump off of a building you will die.

This is why I strongly believe that Virtual Reality should have an age restriction of 16 years old.

Going through puberty in the metaverse is even more concerning for obvious reasons.

Bitcoin & The metaverse.

Most people know by now that if you invest in bitcoin and other digital currencies at this point it is no different than gambling.

Blockchain technology has failed to find a market because it is slow and everyone with a blockchain application on their device has access to everyone else data. Thus, blockchain is the literal opposite of privacy.

Blockchain uses peer-to-peer networking and duplicates the entirety of its data on every device that it is installed on.

Which makes it incredibly slow and will not work well for 3D worlds. Thus it is unlikely that blockchain will be a foundational building block in Zuck’s metaverse, according to popular belief. Furthermore, blockchain is unstable and not backed by gold or any other resource, thus almost all world governments do not accept crypto payments as it would destabilize the economy in terms of inflations and investment. Facebook has always worked from centralized servers because its user data is gold for its survival. Sharing that user data and making it minable by anyone is against their business model.

The responsible usage of Zuck’s Metaverse could have some fantastically positive outcomes.

(a) Entertainment and learning for the handicapped. In a simulated reality, a paraplegic can fly for example.

(b) Entertainment

(c) Excercise, if you can afford the hardware.

(d) A new market for developers and traders of digital & physical merchandise.

The effects of the metaverse on those with mental disorders

Many people with mental disorders will not be able to use the metaverse in a healthy way.

The Metaverse will increase delusions in schizophrenic patients who already struggle to have a grasp on reality.

There has been little research done on this topic but I guess that people with heart conditions, other physical ailments, and mental disorders will need to be properly managed when and if they enter Zuck’s Metaverse. However, The Mixed reality experience in the Metaverse will most likely have more practical usage in the real world. Effectively it will be much more healthy for the most part. However Mixed reality experiences can be designed as viruses. For example, imagine walking down the road and a monster jumps out of the wall which results in you jumping into traffic when you get a fright. Furthermore, there are other methods of producing unique sellable items without using NFTs . It is a myth that NFTs are the safest way of owning something on the internet.

To conclude, the metaverse needs to be used with care and with caution.